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'''Kenneth Clark''' (1903–1983) was an English art historian who wrote and presented BBC TV series ''Civilisation''. '''Kenneth Clark''', '''Ken Clark''' or '''Kenny Clark''' may also refer to: * Kenneth Clark (psychologist) (1914–2005), African-American psychologist * Kenneth Clark (financial writer), American mortgage executive and author * Kenneth Clark (ceramicist) (1922–2012), New Zealand-born British ceramicist * Kenneth Clark (priest) (1922–2013), Archdeacon of Swindon * Ken Clark (actor) (1927–2009), American actor * Ken Clark (punter) (born 1948), former CFL and NFL punter * Ken Clark (running back) (1966–2013), former NFL running back * Ken Clark (publisher), co-founder, with Randy Sloan, of ''The North Bay Business Journal'' * Kenny Clark (referee) (born 1961), former Scottish referee * Kenny Clark (wide receiver) (born 1978), American football wide receiver * Kenny Clark...
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